PAL Promo from Tagbilaran to Cebu

Promos PH: To all our avid readers who love to travel by plane to their choice of destination/s, we have some good news for you! Philippine Airlines as a follow up to their previous promo announcement last month for their flight route Cebu to Tagbilaran (Bohol) has again issued a promo fare update for its return flight (Tagbilaran to Cebu) for about Php 825. Travel period started June 23, 2017 until October 15, 2017 only. So don't forget to mark your calendars with these dates. The people of Bohol will not only have sea vessels as a mode of transportation in going to Cebu but they can take advantage of Pal promo offering and travel thru plane.

Cebu is a nearby island of Bohol or perhaps, a sister island as you may call it. So expect a busy port between the two islands with large scale commercial activities happening. Bohol has a number of tourist attractions that both local and international tourists are trying to see so as Cebu as well have a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Cebu has been
dubbed as the Queen city of the South because of its booming economic industry making it a center of business as well as employment in the country. 

Lucky for both Boholanos and Cebuanos, they can easily hop in to and from the islands whenever they want to during the day. But Philippine Airlines made a mark by having daily flights to both points making it convenient for passengers to travel by plane.
Baggage Allowance: 

7kg hand carry baggage.
FREE 10kg checked-in baggage.


Inflight snacks
Ample Legroom
Heartfelt service from PAL employees

Make sure you have the right travel luggage and paraphernalia. Double check your travel accessories. To save you time, we highly suggest you go online and find items here at lazada.

CAB Approval No. 1179-06-13-S2017
ASC Reference Code P095P062017P

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