Where to buy a trusted Air Humidifier in the Philippines?

Promos PH: Based on the geographical location of the Philippines, it is considered to having extreme humidity being a very tropical country with high temperature especially during summer (around March to May) each year. So if we live in  this Asian tropical archipelago, do we need an Air Humidifier at home? Is it really that essential?

An Air Humidifier is a device that could provide humidity during cold dry weather. Even though there is extreme moisture outside a room or space, the interior heating systems at home or the office could produce dry air which may lead to many health complications. So having one is really quite beneficial.

Air Humidifiers can really provide a solution to having quality air around our living space. Dry air is definitely not good with our respiratory system, it could worsen existing conditions if we are currently experiencing bad skin, hair, or nasal congestion.

What are the possible issues if we don't humidify?

-Dry, flaky and itchy skin
-Dry eyes and sore throat
-Having colds and flu in the morning
-Could worsen existing asthma
-Development of allergies
-Wall and floor furnishings might break and crack due to dry air
-Nosebleeding and dry nasal passages
-Chapped lips
-Dry hair

Now, we think getting one is really helpful to one's overall health especially during cold season. There are a number of benefits if we have an Air Humidifier at home. Let us check them below:

1. Prevents airborne viruses and bacteria. So it means reduced risk of infections.
2. Relieves sinusitis. We won't be experiencing that tight nose feeling during cold days! Nasal congestion and sinusitis will definitely be gone away with continuous use.
3. We will have healthy skin and hair because we are hydrated.
4. Helps with not snoring during our sleep. We will sleep better and wake up refreshed the next day. And if we have a partner who sleeps next to us, they will no longer be annoyed with the sound we make when we snore or could be other way around.
5. Good for indoor plants. Since there is enough humidity, it makes these plants healthy inside our room. We definitely will have a good supply of oxygen with healthy indoor plants.
6. Protects wood furniture from getting damage. With extreme dryness, it could crack and damage furnishings on wood. We will still have more years to enjoy with our furniture as the case may be.

So where to buy a trusted and quality Air Humidifier in the Philippines that is also Utrasonic?

Look no further but the trusted online store as we have, LAZADA PH.

We bought ours and have it tested. So far, after several weeks of using it everyday until night time, the item still works perfect! We highly recommend this product that we bought from Lazada. It's not only a humidifier, it's an aroma diffuser and an air purifier as well. The device uses  ultrasonic frequency to create a cool mist into the air. It means, heat is not required to diffuse aroma into the air using essential oils.

 This is our personal video of the Air Humidifier we got from Lazada.

Below is the product details of this Air Humidifier we bought from Lazada.

Product details of Aromatherapy Air humidifier 110-240V 25W LED Night Light With CarveDesign Ultrasonic humidifier Aroma Diffuser mist maker 1.5L - intl


- Adjustable amount of super heavy fog and double sprayer
- Delicate carve patterns designed '
- Transposed air humidifier cover. 4 beautiful patterns chosen
- Knob type mist adjust
- LED Night light
- Anti-corrosion. PP material. add your own favorite and personalized oils
- Dust filter: Healthy and environmental protection
- Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation
- Colorful lights transform
- Easy to clean 


- Coverage Area: Up to 20 square meter
- Material: PP
- Power supply: 110-240V
- Rated Power:about '25W
- High capacity water tank: about '1.5L
- Dimensions: about '132 x 132 x 268mm (L x W x H)
- Power Cable Length: About 80cm-125cm
- Color: White

Getting one for your home or office is definitely a good investment in protecting yourself and love ones from the possible effects of dry air especially during the cold season. You are not just getting an air humidifier, but a purifier and an aroma diffuser in one. Great value for the money for just below a thousand peso.

Should you have any questions? Please comment below.

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  1. Hmmm, good find... just in time as I will be getting an air humidifier too as thr summer is fast approaching. I was torn between a number of options as well. Definitely considering this one.